Pop up bar for a festival wedding

How to create a Festival Style Wedding in 5 steps

Picture of a festival themed wedding in Essex

Image from MyTipiEvent

1. Find a space

So you want a festival style Wedding, but where to start?…. Well, number 1 on this list has to be finding a suitable space.
Now if you are lucky and have a friend with a football pitched sized garden who doesn’t mind 100-200 guests partying the night away whilst they settle down for their evening cuppa, then you are very much in luck and you can skip this part.

But for the rest of us mere mortals, the job starts with finding a suitable space that ticks a fair few boxes. Is there enough space, can your guests access it easily, can the Tipi company get the necessary large vehicles through to get set up, will there be any residents nearby to consider (we are thinking noise limits and cut off times here…. Not going for an after party).

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there is a pretty extensive checklist to go through, but more often than not, you chosen Tipi supplier should have a few recommendations in the local area, so this should take a lot of the stress and guesswork out of the situation.

2. Hire a Tipi

Tips aren’t the new kids on the block anymore when it comes to hiring a solid and stylish outdoor structure for your Wedding. Dating back over 4000 years, the Tipi was historically made from Buffalo hide, although nowadays, this is replaced with high-quality canvas stitched together to create a warm and waterproof covering for your big day.

The whole vibe of a Tipi just oozes “cool”, and although you would think open sides may leave guests to wander elsewhere, they won’t want to be anywhere else but at the center of these fantastic spaces.

Furthermore, some Tipi companies now offer fire pits for when the sun goes down, enticing guests to gather and enjoy the festivities until the early hours without feeling that midnight chill. We can highly recommend 2 of our favourite Tipi companies to make this day happen ….. My Tipi Event (Kents leading Tipi company) and Events Under Canavs (East Anglias No.1 Tipi Company)

Festival Style Wedding in Essex

Image from Events Under Canvas

3. Get creative

You have space. The tipi deposit is paid. But right now you just have an awesome looking tipi in a big field. Now is the time to start getting creative about how you want your big day to look.

If budget was no issue, then we would always recommend bringing in the professionals to help you bring your dream to reality.

Stylists are worth their weight in gold and we have seen them turn relatively plain spaces into eye-watering masterpieces, using out of this world props, dressing the venue from head to toe and totally transforming it in the process and using lighting to set the mood and tone for the day.

Of course, if the budget is a little on the lighter side then you can definitely go down the DIY route and tackle the job head-on. Be prepared for your eBay account to take a bit if a battering though…. “now… Where to store these 50 lanterns!!!”

We can highly recommend Rock The Day Styling (Essex) & Hire Love (Kent) for all your styling needs.

4.Eat drink and be merry

No celebration is complete without copious amounts of food and drink.

What better way to keep your guests fuelled for the dancefloor than to hire in some mobile catering and pop up drinks bars. Thankfully in 2018, the popularity of these services has skyrocketed with more and more people opting for outdoor summer weddings.

Furthermore, we have a little inside scoop for you with 3 amazing companies who definitely fit the bill for such occasions !

Feast your eyes (not literally) at some of the mouthwatering options over at gather and feast events and wash that sumptuous food down with some exceedingly good cocktails from the boys over at The Craft Drinks Co. or the delightful ale from our man at Gather Bars….. Or better yet. Hire both!!!

Pop up bar for a festival wedding

Image from Gather Bars

5.Let there be music

The final icing on the cake has to be music. Who wants to party without some absolutely banging tunes filling the air.

Chances are, if you want a festival style Wedding, then you have probably attended dedicated a festival (or 10) over the past few years. With this in mind, you are probably going to want a DJ who can mix a decent house set (check), knows his Mumford and Sons from his Arcade Fire (ch-ch-check) and has a top-drawer sound system to fill the beautiful Tipi air (you guessed it…. We know a couple of guys).
Failing that, we love a band as much as the next Essex Wedding DJ so feel free to invite us along to your shindig and we will happily soak up the atmosphere, tuck into to some amazing food and drink, party the night away in an amazing Tipi and listen to the only band we currently recommend on our site….. The one (well three)… The only…Tres Milla Colina!!!!!!

Three Mile Hill Wedding Band

Image from Three Mile Hill

Sorry, with all the Latino music in the charts nowadays we went all Spanish…… What we meant to say was “Three Mile Hill” 🙂